ODA Residence by LSN architects

Currently under construction on the edge of the city of Prishtina, the ODA Residence, designed by local practice LSN architects&partners, is made up of six apartment blocks, lieng in an area of 14.000 m2, with about 220 flats.

The project aims to provide a dense neighborhood with housing apartments over retail facilities which are friendly to the neighbors and other pedestrians. Providing parks and other leisure facilities suitable for children and elderly conceived following the criteria’s of “sustainability”, with building blocks studied carefully in relationship with the sun orientation.

The ODA Residence project has six building masses of private flats of over 20 meters distances between them and one large retail unit. Where the flats interact with the outdoor open sky by large window openings and from balconies providing the flats the feeling of individual homes with wonderful views stretching out to the horizon as there are no building opposite. Each of the buildings blocks are designed above the underground garage which provide an adequate number of parking spaces for all users of the facility, while outdoor parking serves mainly in service to non-residential.

All these facts lead us to identify the general design concept of LSN architects&partners integrating the building elements and materials to the surrounding in order to help protect  the environment.

oda-residence_7 oda-residence_2 oda-residence_4

oda-residence_3 oda-residence_5 oda-residence_6