The Glass Box by Maden Group

Buying our own products directly affects the economic development of our state, increasing the number of jobs and improving the social well-being. Therefore to support the local producers and encourage consumption of local products, the organizers of Shpija e Kosoves Reality Show (the Kosovan version of Big Brother Show) hired the local architecture practice MADEN Group to design the Prishtina’s Glass Box, where three people would live in for a week consuming only local products.

This glass box set within a square footprint of 6x6m is set in the center of capital Prishtina, more precisely in the plateau next to Grand Hotel with its clear glass panels creating an attractive and curios ambient for pedestrian passing by.

The pleasant characteristics of the Glass Box are the light and simple construction supported by four columns, with the floor and roof panels standing to the structure main axis. The materials chosen for the building are mainly of light ones, such as wood, glass and metal. The only division in the house is the bathroom and entrance door which are discreetly hidden by (kitchen) cabinets, camouflaging this way the inner space by making it look as a single open room.

We hope that this glass box signals a better future to the consumption of local products.