Mother Theresa Museum in Prizren

Kosovan architecture office Pacarizi Architects has sent us their proposal of their new project Mother Theresa Museum in Prizren. More images and a quick architects description after the break.

Prizren will have the first and probably the smallest museum in after war Kosova. In front of the Prizren Catholic cathedral, just across the street Gezim Paçarizi architect is building (2009-2012) a small museum.

Mother Theresa’s parents got married in Prizren Cathedral and dedicating her a museum just in front of the Cathedral is highly symbolic.

The exiguity of the plot, surrounded by the old Prizren houses, the pressings from the Institute for the Protection of Monuments has been overcome by the simple yet very generous architecture of the building.

One space made of three blocks above each other, fit perfectly in the narrow street overlooking the Prizren centre. All three large windows with the small overhanging are closely related to the old Prizren architecture however without copying it.

The four levels are made of one space and culminate in the perforated roof arch.

Small, simple but strong and clear. It is an example on how can architecture fit in its surroundings, how can it express the own identity and how it can improve the environment with its presence. All the points that most recent architecture in Kosova are missing.