Tregtia High-rise Quarter

As one of the largest local construction companies, Tregtia proposes on building a high-rising quarter located in Lakrishte, in the high-rises district of central Prishtina.

The project programmatically comprises of a commercial high-rise tower of 17 storeys and by six residential towers of 10 storeys, connected by a continuous landscape garden that accommodates the adjunct commercial facilities.

The commercial tower is an element which gives identity to this quarter of high-rises, while the residential towers are composed in a way that are not competing against, but have a dynamic interplay of bodies, and it specially retains confidence to the commercial tower, by being the highest among.

The ground level interaction of this massive mix-development is also an important part of the design proposal, because it functionally servers for the public flow around the buildings with partly parking spaces.

The TREGTIA High-rise Quarter is currently going through the schematic design approval process and is scheduled to begin construction in the near future. For further details, we’ll keep you updated.


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