New skiing center in Brezovica

After a broad study conducted by one of the largest companies known worldwide for developing and optimizing ski areas – Ecosign Europa, it seems that Brezovica is going to be receiving a new skiing winter center, close to the existing but old skiing areas.

According to news released by, the master plan for the skiing center, that will be five times bigger than the center in Mavrovo, Macedonia, is going to be announced on 6’th February, where the audience will get to know more detailed information about the new center.

Last year, the European Commission granted the project 200,000 euros, after which a preliminary study of the area showed that the location has the biggest potential in the Balkan area for a skiing center. The best part is that the new center, will outrun the current political problems that are still going on around how to privatize the existing cable cars.

According to the master plan, approved also by the Government of Kosovo, the new skiing area will be settled onto a new location up in the mountains, with five main cable cars and with more than 25 km of skiing runway.

Resort Village

According to details from Ecosign from a presentation in 28’th January 2011, which can be seen here, the new Resort Village will be located on a high plateau, at about 1.650m, in the north-western end of the proposed Mountain Resort. The location is high enough to have snow through the whole winter season and remain fresh in hotter summer days.

This relatively flat area offers a large potential for development, showing a mix of residential and commercial space, with a total of almost 5.300 beds and over 600 parking stalls. The Resort Village is made of a Village Centre to the north; single and multi-family development to the south, adjacent to the pistes; and some additional exclusive development higher up in the mountains, at 1.850m.

Additionally, a Recreation Area around a potential new artificial lake, west of the Village Centre, has been planned associated to the Resort. The Resort Village has been designed so that arriving guests will park below their accommodations or in the multi-level parking structure and then completely forget about their cars until they depart. No cars will be seen from the pedestrian streets of the Village. Each building will have enough underground parking for all their guests.

Details about the costs…

The total cost of the new cable cars will be around 25 million euros but there are no details about the cost of the new houses, restaurants and hotels. As for the restaurant part, there is a plan to build a big one in the mountains with around 2,000 square meters and a 30 kilometer long walking path for walking during summer times. An artificial lake will also be built to encourage tourism during the whole year.

It is also to be noted that the implementation of the plan will result in creating around 5,000 new jobs in a direct or indirect way.