Remodeling Zahir Pajaziti Square

Prishtina’s citizens today seek for new lively gathering places where they could experience their neighboorhoods, where different cultures mix. Therefore squares are really important to city’s social and especially economical future. As an urban renewal project, the municipality of Prishtina initiated the competition of remodeling the most central and relevant public space in Prishtina, the Zahir Pajaziti Square.

The competition asked the participants to expand the square footage by making a stronger connection to the area, by linking the space in front of “KEK Energy Corporation” building with the road in front of Grand Hotel to the current site.

The designing studio of the square, same as on the Ibrahim Rugova Square is the local practice Smart Project. While the winning contractor to rebuild this square is the consortium of Steda Kosova and Conex Group.

The Zahiri Pajaziti square is a site of constant activity, surrounded by building complexes storing shops and cafeterias on the ground floor and it’s a home for Street Booksellers. The main goal of the remodeling project is to improve the daily social life by creating easier access to the current shops and cafeterias, a more suitable urban park and other required facilities with a holistic approach.

Unfortunately, the municipality of Prishtina didn’t release any plans of the project at this stage. We will keep you updated as soon as we hear more about any further details.