TV show on informal building

A public campaign designed by Archis Interventions/Prishtina will accompany the process of legalization. Public presentations and a media campaign will broach the issues regarding the most important principles (security, infrastructural connections, social aspects) by raising public awareness. The concept has been developed by Archis Interventions (Visar Geci, Florina Jerliu and Kai Vöckler).

In addition to public presentations and reports in different media, a TV show has been realized, which has been produced in collaboration with Pixels Productions, Prishtina. Different TV channels such as Kohavision/KTV expressed their will to broadcast the show. The TV show has been produced by Visar Geci, co-founder of Archis Interventions/Prishtina and a renowned TV star in Kosovo, in cooperation with Florina Jerliu and Kai Vöckler. Eight broadcasts on different subjects have been planned, recorded on selected sites in Prishtina. They will include the responses of citizens and officials to the situation in dialogue with Visar Geci.

The full documentary will be featured soon on ONUP. Stay tuned!