The “father” of the National Library

In recognition of his contributions to Kosovarian Architecture, Andrija Mutnjakovic known by Kosovar people as the “father” of the National Library in Prishtina, was recently invited by the Academy of Science and Arts of Kosova to give a lecture entitled “My architectural works in Kosova”.

Andrija Mutnjakovic was born in Osijek (Croatia) in 1929, after firstly graduating in the grammar school, he started the architectural studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, pursuing later on postgraduate studies in the Academy of Arts University in Zagreb.

Andrija Mutnjakovic is surely one of Croatia’s most popular architects. Looking back on a career spanning of over forty years, he has been working on large-scale architectural projects. Also he has more than 50 articles published both in national and foreign periodicals.

Renowned for his architectural style, Andrija Mutnjakovic has designed numerous buildings in ex-Yugoslavian countries especially in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and in foreign towns like Damascus, Tehran, Algiers, Bratislava, Venice, and others. One of the most famous buildings by Andrija Mutnjakovic is the National Library in Prishtina, a gigantic building of 16,500 square meters having a total of 99 white glass cupolas of different sizes and fully covered facades by a fishnet of metal.