Prishtina’s “Online Buses”

Just recently, a young team supported by the Uniceff Innovations Lab Kosovo, achieved to set up a new web page called, which offers online information about the public bus transportation in Prishtina.

The purpose behind the project is to make the life easier for the locals, as well as internationals which get very confused about the operations of more than 16 bus lines in Prishtina. The project is funded by the Uniceff Innovations Lab and it is prepared by Gent Thaçi, Altin Ukshini, Lulzim Gashi, Giulia Martin, Daniela Bodnarova, Jeton Ahmetaj, Ardian Haxha, Besfort Guri, Ardi Hasimja and Shkelqim Ahmeti, and most of them are members of FLOSSK and have experience in IT.

The objective behind Prishtina Buses is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in Prishtina and to support people to take buses more often rather than cars as well as to contribute to the decrease of pollution in the city. “We hope it will serve as an inspiration for public administration to carry out and support this kind of project in other towns in Kosovo” it is stated on the web page.

It is said that the project has chances to go also on mobile platforms, but that has yet to be confirmed in the near future. On the other hand this seems like a very useful tool for the citizens and visitors of Prishtina, and basically there are also other benefits from it because it uses free and open source data.

Visit Prishtina Buses – Homepage