Horizon’s Group first stage of “Dodona Project”

Horizons Group has just recently released their final design for a new residential and commercial area in Prishtina.

The new construction site, which in the past was compromised by old houses with oriental architecture, will be housing a new Commercial & Administrative building that is considered the first stage of the “Dodona Project”, also part of the Municipalities Program for further urban development of Prishtina.

With combined facades in grey, brown and light white and a construction inspired by boxes, the project emphasizes a gridded construction yet separated in different heights. The southern side features a grey façade with classical box-shaped windows, and as you go through to the northern side you will see a structural wood-colored façade and a white colored and more rounded part of the building that seems to be destined for commercial & administration usage. This part of the building is supported with further usage of steel pillars, aligned in a triangle forming order.

Around the space are located some interesting buildings of Prishtina, including the Parliament Building and an old Mosque from the Ottoman Era. The first stage of the project has already started, but the finishing date isn’t known yet.