“Ibrahim Rugova” square ready to be built

“Ibrahim Rugova” square in Prishtina has finally gotten the green light, because the municipality has chosen “Allzone & ABC” consortium, as contractors of the project that will cost around 4 Million Euros.

Both companies “Allzone” and “ABC” have previous experience in road construction and the Municipality of Prishtina has considered them as successful and has trusted them the project. Mabetex was also part of the competition, but they were considered too expensive.

As seen from the architectural rendering, the “Ibrahim Rugova” square, named after the first president of the Republic of Kosova, is going to be compromised of some green areas with relevant seating’s and shading trees, and in the other hand the main attraction will be the huge square that will host the statue of Ibrahim Rugova, a fountain and some other architectural elements.

The whole project has been prepared by the Municipality of Prishtina in close cooperation with an architectural company from Kosovo, called Smart Project. The construction of the “Ibrahim Rugova” square is supposed to start within the next week but no further details on this direction are known.

Image courtesy of  KOHA.NET