Landslip at ENK Complex

Started in 2006, ENK Complex represents a historical urban moment for the further development of the capital of Kosovo, Prishtina.

ENK Complex that is still under construction and it is planed to offer offices, luxury apartments and a hotel with 5 stars, has just recently suffered from landslide at the working site, where nobody has been injured and the project it’s self isn’t halted.

The recent rainfalls in Prishtina have had their part on the landslip, but local soil engineers say that water wasn’t the main factor that caused the landslip. According to a professor of soil engineering at the University of Prishtina, the main fault lays between the dimensions of the supporting construction (concrete tubes), that weren’t established according to the rules.

ENK Complex that has started shaping up since three years now is considered as the largest skyscraper in the Balkans, with a height of 165 meters. The project is estimated to cost around 400 million euro and it is supposed to be finished in 2014.

ANARCH is the company that designed the architectural aspects of the ENK Complex.

Photo courtesy of Arbenit (SkyscraperCity-Albania)