Apartments in Sofalia


As the Prishtina’s dense population expands enormously, there is a need to evaluate how the ground can be used more efficiently to satisfy the demands of a growing city like Prishtina. The main idea of this project proposal by GG Group is to create more compact and dense living spaces to avoid the spreading.

Planned to be built in Sofalia an area which is part of a development plan to transform this whole neighborhood into a qualitative living area. This apartments block assembles 46 apartments, with a total floor area of 2,940 sqm. With this typology of apartments every block, the flats in the three blocks are made by three main modules starting at 60m2 and grow to 190m2.

The blocks are opened and allow wind and light to enter the building. Underneath the building a parking garage provides around 40 parking spaces, and storage rooms for the apartments.

All images courtesy of  GG Group.