Marigona Residence

A new housing complex  is being built in Preoc, a village near Prishtina. Named Marigona Residence, the complex will provide 150 individual houses, about 1000 apartments and it also includes some other facilities like recreational parks, a primary school, a hotel, a shopping center and a hospital.

The following description by the developers,

Marigona Residence is a neighborhood with a modern concept of living and it covers an area of 32 hectares. It is located near the Prishtina-Skopje highway, in the 8th km southwest of Prishtina.

In Marigona Residence motorized, cyclists and pedestrians will find their paradise. Everyone will have their separate spaces, without encountering each other. Marigona Residence offers an advanced security system, with a sophisticated technology, with a very modern architecture, functional, attractive, and aesthetic. All the apartments at Marigona Residence are build in that way that maximizes the utilization of the sun, and that facilities do not obstruct one-another. Using the most modern infrastructure in Kosova, Marigona Residence has shown high deliberation toward environment preservation.

Green, spaces cover Marigona Residence with more than 40% of the area provided for parks, game spaces for children and adults, as well as cultural, social and sports activities. One of the features of Marigona Residence is that it offers a sewage system divided for waste water and atmosphere rainfall, boulevards that cover areas of 17 meters, and also sufficient parking on and underground. The entire neighborhood is covered with electricity installations, internet, telephone, and cable TV, as well as signaling and street lighting.

Taking into consideration the urban chaos created in Prishtina for years, and the increased demand of citizens for a better and more organized life, Marigona Residence is building the most modern neighborhood in the region.

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