Prishtina-Connection Exhibition in Austria

aut. architetur und tirol as one of Austria’s most important architecture exhibition spaces, invited bad architects group to organize “Prishtina-Connection” exhibition about the topic of  “identification”, which will be held in Innsbruck Austria and it will be on display starting from March 18.

The description below by bad architects group,

After the declaration of inedependence in Febuary 2008, Kosovo/a is a sovereign state and Prishtina a capital city. In this phase of transition new identities, problems and principles are generated. While Kosovo/a tries to define its own identity, Kosovar expatriates are maintaining the old Kosovar-Albanian traditions, keep contact with their families via Skype, facebook and twitter while also are tryng to integrate themselves in a different society and ethnic culture.

Repatriates, who have successfully developed their careers abroad and financially supported their families are partially returning home in order to help directly and locally to reconstruct the country. However they bring also back new , in Lonon or New York acquired lifestyles, which reciprocally influence also the lifestyle of the locals.

This social change influences indirectly the built environment, above all in Prishtina. A mass of unrendered brick house and bold roof superstructures coins Prishtina’s visual appearance to a large extent.

Bad architects group researches, in this interactive circular flow of forming markers, for mutations of Kosovar identity. How long would it take until it might be possible to speak of a Kosovar architecture or how would an architecture pavilion of Kosovo at one of the biennales, a so to speak built expatriate and ambassador of Kosovar identity look like? Which image would it try to communicate and which cultural remittances would it bring to Prishtina?