Women’s Opportunity Center


Sharon Davis Design Studio in collaboration with a local practice Hidroterm, designed a three-story facility destined as women’s opportunity center, financed by WFWI Organization. More about the project after the break.

Women for Women International (WFWI) is a non-profit organization that uses a unique, holistic approach to mobilize women in conflict and post-conflict environments all around the world to change their lives.

As part of that mission, WFWI is building a new women’s opportunity center to support their efforts in Kosovo. SDDS teamed with Hidroterm, a local design-build firm, to design a new, three-story facility that houses educational, training, administrative and assembly spaces to serve area women.

The building is organized to both maximize flexibility and anticipate future growth while implementing the highest standards of sustainability possible. Set to begin construction in the spring of 2009, the center is the first of several building projects being planned to support WFWI’s mission to empower women throughout the world.

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