T23 Residential Building


A local construction company  Final-M Constructions, introduces a new 10-story residential building located in Top-Hane quarter, Prishtina. See architect’s description and more images, after the break.

The building for living and business “T 23” it is being build in Top-Hane area in the center of Prishtina. One of the most suitable zones for living according to Municipality of Prishtina.  Soon it will be the most attractive zone for living because there are infrastructures like water, canalization, power etc. It is close to a primary school, high school, university, public health facilities, business facilities like banks and more institutions we need in everyday life.

Product description
The building for living and business will be build with high quality material made in the region and abroad, like places in western Europe. For constructing the building we hired a company called “TERRAPLAN” which is a local company with big experience in construction of collective buildings and also industrial.

We plan to build a living and office building to comply with our consumers needs. It will contain: Model I – 2 bedroom apartment, Model II – 3 bedrooms apartment,  Model III – 4 bedrooms apartment. With various spaces.

Will be standard. Creating a suitable ambient for collective living in the building for living and office with green surface with nature, places for kids where they can play and a resting area with a surface from 500 m2.

t23_01 t23_02 t23_03

T23 Apartment Building