Pedestrian Underpass in Prishtina


Municipality of Prishtina has initiated a sensitive urban re-newel project. Prishtina will soon have the first pedestrian underpass in the city. A project designed by a local architecture and urbanization practice SMART Project.

Prishtina Municipal Assembly has proclaimed the winner of the tender for construction of an underpass, which will connect neighborhoods “Pejton” and “Dardania”. Protrade – a local company, won the first prize to develop a new urban landscape and a public space which acts as the main pedestrian gateway in the city for over 10,000 people a day. This company will also be the investor of the project in a concession agreement with Municipality of Prishtina.

The underpass will be 31 meters long and 6(18) meters wide, and on the both sides of the underpass a space of 6 meters will be available for different business premises. Underpass will be equipped with lighting, escalators, elevators, public toilets, and other required facilities.

Executions of the project will cost around one million euros. The first phase of implementation work for this project will begin in early October, which includes administrative proceedings conducted for the removal of objects in this space and ground infrastructure deployment.

undpass_01 undpass_02 undpass_03