Prishtina Stadium Renovation


The stadium that is used as a multi-functional sport field is located in the center of the city. In the fifties some small tribune were build along the field with a capacity of 5.000 seats. Then was rebuilt in the 80’s by expanding on its sides and the upper West grandstands were added covered with a huge steel roof, creating a space for 38,500 fans.

The tribunes are made up of 15 stands on the Northern, Southern, and Eastern sides while the Western tribune is made up of 35 stands. In the corners of the field, where the views are restricted, the entrances to the tribunes are displaced. Current field parameters of the stadium are, 105 meters long and 70 meters wide.

The home ground of FC Prishtina which started the renovations last year, on its first phase of renovations placed 16,200 new chairs(VIP and press facilities) and added the lightning in accordance with FIFA laws. Now the stadium renovations are on the second phase, where additional public programme such as fitness-club, shops and restaurants are displaced. Then on the last phase of renovations a smaller sport field together with a tennis field will be build at the side of the stadium.

psrenovation_01 psrenovation_02 psrenovation_03