“Riza Lushta” reconstruction proposal


Stadium “Riza Lushta” in Mitrovica, in a five year period is expected to have a completely new look. Leaders of the football club Trepca’89 have submitted to the Municipality of Mitrovica the project proposal for the reconstruction of “Riza Lushta”.

The project envisages construction of a modern stadium with 12 thousand and 400 seats. The new stadium will be build within the walls of the current stadium from which only the football field, as well as two existing small football fields will remain. The main grandstands will be protected by a roof, while different facilities that include a gymnasium, dressing rooms, and the press room will be located under the net sided grandstands. Also the necessary lightning according to the FIFA regulations, will be provided.

This project done by “Konstruktori” will go through four phases of reconstruction, which are expected to start during this summer. Reconstructions for this modern stadium, will cost approximetaly 5 Mil Euros.