Library school “Bunateka”


The main problem for the majority of the youth in Kosova is that they live in or originate from rural zones. There are few villages in which reading possibilities are available for young people.  A large number of village schools do not possesses their own library,  most of the young people are unprepared and insufficiently informed for the current working environment.

BNArchitects objective is that these young people be offered an opportunity to create a vision for their future, within the school yard there will be set up a small library in form of a box. A box with a lot of glass windows all around so that the books contained within are clearly visible to the students from the outside. It should be an active element in the school playground and provide a new place for the students where they will feel free to access the books whenever they want. It should also motivate the student to read and acquire knowledge.

A design project for this library is already prepared and a project concept set up. It contains a full description of the project, the establishment and construction plans and the estimate of cost. As a pilot project, in collaboration with the royal Norwegian embassy and with the support of the ministry of education of Kosova is realized the first library in the primary school of  Lutogllava in Prizren.
The idea is to build as many libraries as possible in the villages of Kosova. That is our desire that this is the desire of the ministry of education and also many others. Above all, that is the basic needs of children in Kosova. //

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