Hotel “Carshia e Jupave”, Gjakova


On 2004, Kosovan architect Gezim Puka (PUKA Design) designed a hotel of 2580 square meters located in Gjakova, KS.

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Gjakova know as ethnic Albanian Region, is characterized by “Carshia e Madhe” (Big Street Market), a Kosovar heritage site. The building was constructed in the “Carshia e Madhe” location, which is a protected cultural-architectural heritage site.

The building was constructed to serve different purpose – hotel, restaurants and shops. The two front facades are characterized by two main styles build in the form of Albanian old-style stone houses. On on side, there is the building in the style of a Dukagjini-plain stone house, while on the riverside there’s the style of the oldest type of Dukagjini-plain stone houses with wooden Maltese balconies, which serves as entrance to the hotel.

The main elements of the ground floor are the shops, which are lined up side by side as seperate units on the side of the narrow street, forming the new street market “Carshia e Jupave”.

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