Reconstruction of “Palace of the Media”


The “Palace of the Media”, or “Rilindja” (meaning “rebirth”) as it has been called popularly, is currently undergoing an extensive reconstruction process.

The idea for building a printing house was born in the sixties, while it started construction in the seventies. After the inauguration in 1978, the 19 floor and 87 meter tall highrise became a symbol of Prishtina.

Many years of political and economical instability, the Kosova war in 1998-1999, lack of maintenance and the later years ownership contests – layed it marks on the highrise. For many years now, the highrise has been abandoned.

After several debates in the Parliament in 2008, the current Government of Kosova approved the project to reconstruct the “Rilindja” highrise and convert it into a Government building which will house 4  ministries, until it later undergoes a privatization process. The project is an attempt by the Government to cut down on renting expenses, until the future project for the new Government Complex finishes in 2015.

In October 2008, Mabetex was announced as the winner of the public tender for the reconstruction of the “Rilindja” highrise. The interior and exterior reconstruction is estimated to cost 15 million euro, and has an estimated completion time of 12 months.

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