A cathedral being built in Prishtina


A new cathedral is being built in Prishtina, a cathedral which will be named on the behalf of Mother Teresa.

Once the location was set to build the cathedral, Catholic Bishop of Kosova with their associates launched the study to find professional architects to compile a project which would have a dignified size of a cathedral. They made the first contacts with some university architects in Rome, well know for their designs of cathedrals and basilicas. Then on 2003 they reached an agreement with the Association of Architects of Rome.

After completing the necessary documentation for the Municipality, “Dodaj Brothers” were contracted to build the cathedral which has a value of 1.5 MIL.

This cathedral whose constructions started on 2007, is being built in the city center of Prishtina on the plot of gymnasium “Xhevdet Doda” which was demolished,  in order to build the new cathedral on this surface of 1.30 ha.

For further information, refer to vellezeritdodaj.com

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