Pacolli to build Prishtina’s Opera House?!


Earlier in 2007, the Municipality of Prishtina completed a design competition for the project of  Opera House of Prishtina, and announced German studio “ARW Architekten” as the winner. The project had then an estimated cost of  20,5 million euro and created a great controversial debate in the general public, but also architects in between. One of the main accusations was that the entire project was a waste of money, especially since the winning proposal was a scandalous example of lack of creativity and quality design. An opera house should be a landmark building and an architectural inspiration to the city.

Because of lack of funds, there hasn’t been any signs of intentions to start construction of the Opera House any time soon by the Municipality of Prishtina.

However, according to the Kosovarian newspaper “Lajm” in yesterday’s edition, the billionaire and leader of the political party AKR, Behgjet Pacolli, offered himself to build Prishtina an opera house entirely on his own expenses. However, Pacolli stressed that in order for him to take all the technical and financial obligations to implement such a project, two issues has to be solved as soon as possible.

Firstly, a location worthy of such a project has to be found in the core center of Prishtina. Pacolli stressed that an opera house can not be located in the outskirts of Prishtina, as previously planned by the Municipality of Prishtina.

Secondly, Pacolli criticized the design of the opera house projected by “ARW Architekten” and approved by the Municipality of Prishtina. He compared it to a mediocre “mall”, and thus suggesting an entirely new opera project to be built by him instead as a gift to the people of Kosova.

Behgjet Pacolli is the founder and President of the internationally renowned swiss-based “Mabetex Group”. The company’s main activities are in the construction business with various projects all around the world, including opera houses.

See below the project design by “ARW Architekten”:


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