Arberia Park proposal


Arberia Park is a master plan proposal for the redevelopment of a former brick factory and garbage dump into a park and community center near the center of Prishtina.

The construction of a new inner ring boulevard has acted as a catalyst for the reuse of the Arberia site. Due to the city’s often unregulated development, few areas suitable for pedestrian and public use exist – parks are located sparsely throughout the city and often at distances inconvenient for walking on foot.

Arberia Park is envisioned as a new green area for the city, comprised of diverse programmatic uses and activities that add to the quality of life of the area and broader context. The master plan consists of two terraced building complexes, a leisure park, and a sports and recreational area in-between.

The northern building complex is defined as a community center with a school and medical clinic, and the southern complex contains retail, office, and apartments that offer panoramic views of the city. Together, they define the primary urban plaza and act as a gateway to the rest of the site.

The site’s topography naturally separates and organizes the three zones into individually defined spatial densities: urban, park, and a hybrid event space. A continuous green element binds all aspects of the project together, and manifests itself architecturally as a terraced topography. Natural and artificial topographies merge to create new surfaces for inhabitation and public use.

Architects: SVA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Ognen Arsov, Johan Siim, Sven Kalim)

Structural engineer: Elea iC d.o.o., Ljubljana

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