World Trade Center, Prishtina

A new skyscraper planned to be build in the quarter of Hemshir/Prishtina, just a few blocks away from the ENK Complex. The World Trade Center of Prishtina, developed by a local architectural studio PUKA Design, will be financed by Dukagjini Group.

More than a building or an organization, a World Trade Center (WTC) brings together business and government agencies involved in international trade, provides essential trade services and stimulates the economy of the region it serves. A WTC puts all the services associated with global commerce under one roof. A WTC address gives a business prime and continuous access and exposure to all the services, organizations and individuals essential for success in world trade. “A World Trade Center in any city is a business shopping center, complementing and supporting the existing services of private and government agencies”, explains World Trade Center Association (WTCA) President, Guy F. Tozzoli.

The purpose of a World Trade Center is to have information available to businesses in a timely and coordinated manner. Exporting for companies increases because of the immediate accessibility to valuable expertise and energy created by a vibrant market place of international trade activity.

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