Workshop Kosova 2008 * UBT & Polimi

BAD-INN (University for Business and Technology in Prishtina, Kosova) invited BAD-MIL/Lorenzo Bini (Politecnico di Milano) with Prof. Gennaro Postiglione to lead a joint-workshop in Pristina, during November 2008. 5 students from Milan, Italy and 10 students from Pristina, participated in this urban design workshop.

The idea was to work on the complex topic of “building” a national identity of Kosova and its consequences for the urban development of Prishtina and the whole Kosova.
The framework was the recently declared independence of Kosova from Serbia and the need to build its own identity in order to proceed with the international discussion. A clear and visible identity is vital if you need to assert your country in relation to other countries. This is a consequence of a long term policy dating from last century where the idea of Nation & State was gathered together bringing also the theme of ethnicity.

“ECOLOGIES OF IDENTITY – eco ID 2008” – Topics:

Ecology of Narration [PDF], Ecology of Network [PDF], Ecology of Heritage [PDF], Ecology of Buildings [PDF] and Ecology of Borders [PDF]

workshopks_enarration workshopks_enetwork Work Shop eco ID - Ecology of Heritage Work Shop eco ID - Ecology of Buildings Work Shop eco ID - Ecology of Borders

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