Young architects in Biennale reportage

Insipired by this years biennale`s theme, Common Ground, KOSOVA IN BIENNALE – YOUNG ARCHITECTS held a competition where 16 young architects were chosen to be part of a workshop held in Venice based on the essays they wrote on this topic. This full paid workshop took place between November 16th and November 22nd in both Arsenale and Giardini of La Biennale di Venezia. Coordinated by the Architects Association of Kosova, Ideal Vejsa of MadenGroup and Leart Mullaademi of ONUP, this workshop was followed with lectures from Ayhan Baymak, architect and professor at University of Prishtina, and Sezgin Boynik, sociolog and art ctitic in Finland.

These young architects were given tours of this year`s pavilions, as well as full acces passes  to all needed information and data on these pavilions through biennale`s libraries and study areas. They were divided into 4 groups, where each group focused their study on certain pavilions, and thus emerged a system of covering all pavilions equally. Pavilions were studied on their approach to this years theme, their presentation method(s) as well as on their success on communicating their idea to the public. Students` studies were on constant overlook of the lecturers, as well as the curator Perparim Rama who with his insights and different points of view guided the students to better understanding of the pavilions.

The developed studies were presented at the Albanian pavilion, where each group had a chance of presenting their work, as well as follow it with a discussion with the rest of the architects. This workshop was made possible by: Ministry of Trade and Industry of KosovoInvestment Promotion Agency in KosovoMinistry of Culture, Youth and Sport of Kosovo, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of KosovoAlba Qeramika, Elsa Group, Kreativ Qeramika, Embassy of Italy Prishtina, Binni, Hiti Kamina, Protec, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at UP, Akademia EvolucionTiSIGN, Uje Rugove and Kohavision*.

The entire workshop, the pain and the fun, were recorded by the Kohavision team, and this reportage for the workshop will air on Tuesday, the 4th of December, at 17:40 on Kohavision.

*On the previous informative version of this article posted on December 3rd the sponsors were left out unintentionally. ONUP would like to apologize to the public for this misunderstanding.