A bit of art in the streets of Prishtina

While the urban planning of capital of Kosovo is far from something to admire, young creative minds still believe in making beautiful things happen even in the middle of this mess. Such is the latest project from Pleurat Spahiu, Creative Leader at Ogilvy | Karrota, that brought a little bit of street art in the middle of Prishtina.

A couple of weeks ago the municipality decided to put into use some piles on the sidewalks of the roads that are close to the center, since cars were being parked everywhere and citizens were being forced to walk on the road. A couple of weeks later, a project selected out of the initiative “Street Art – Culture for All”, put some colors on the concrete spheres atop the piles, that resulted with figures with names like Bruce Lee, John Belushi, Madona and some other random names. Because of the spherical shape, Petrit had the possibility to put is talent onto better use and create the cartoon shapes of the above mentioned names.

Rron Tresi & Hana Nixha put rainbow colors to life and some facts in another sidewalk of a very popular street in Prishtina, which stands beside the Cathedral. “Walk & Learn” is what they call their project, also selected by “Street Art – Culture for All”, which means to give you a bit of joy while you walk across the powerful colors and also get to read some history about Prishtina.

There are a bunch of other projects selected by the innovative that include other cities as well (you can see some more here), but at least some of the streets in the capital of Kosovo, are a bit more unique on their own and give you a better feeling when you walk beside starts of the world instead and colorful sidewalks, instead of just walking aside the “cold-dead” concrete.