Union Hotel in Prishtina on fire [UPDATED]


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One of the last remaining and distinct architectural symbols of Prishtina, Hotel Union, was absorbed in fire this morning at approximately 2:00 am, causing considerable damages. All the efforts made by the Prishtina Fire Brigade to save the building which had its age working against it, were still impossible to localize the fire.

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The building which was designed by an Austrian architect, was built in 1927 destined as a hotel. From 1996-s due to the unique values as an object, it has been declared as a protected cultural monument.


  1. vigan says: August 22, 20096:41 pm

    so sad. i feel angry how we left this to happen.

  2. Sarah Correia says: August 23, 20099:07 pm

    This is very sad. I had a machiatto there in April 2007 with a dear friend and found the building absolutely lovely. Let’s just hope that something may be recovered and given its original features.

  3. […] After the burning of Hotel Union, the owning company  of the building started with the renovation of it. €3.2 millions will be invested to renovate the destroyed building, which received the blessing of the municipal authorities and will preserve its old architecture style. According to the owner Tafaj 3ha, it’s planned to open a “Benetton” store, ateliers and a modern bar-restaurant in the building. […]

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