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Independence Square Competition Canceled


Design competition for urban architectonic plan of “Independence Square” (located in front of Kosovaran Parliament) announced earlier this year by the Municipality of Prishtina was canceled last month!

This competition was canceled in absence of offers. Only two(2) offers were handed-over, while the regulations say that at least three(3) offers are required in order to continue with the finalization of drafting ideas.

Now, this design competition is re-opened again! Download the notice in English below, 05.03.2009 09 007 423 Design Contest Notice, Deadline Extension.doc

On the other hand, on 2007 a local studio Zero Positive Publicis did a proposal for the “Independence Square” which was not approved by the Municipality. See 3D images,

iscc_01 iscc_02


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  • artanii

    I don’t like it, no spirit or beauty

    as walk-by pedestrian there is nothing to enjoy or have eyes relaxed, to me … this is reminds me on dead monument

    here would be a nice wide fountain having place for birds to drink water since there is no river or drinkable water in town for birds

    am seeing lot of proposals but nothing practical where more than humans will enjoy life

    everything I’ve seen here so far is dead architecture, this reflects the truth that there is lack of experience and being obsessed with non-regular building corners and glass reflection what people see only on TV

    September 15, 2009 at 3:44 am

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